About Us

Welcome to Lunar Crab Miniatures

Lunar Crab Miniatures is a commission based painting service located in Waco Texas.  We strive to produce high quality paint jobs and creative next level builds. We provide excellent client service and are committed to your gaming and modeling needs.  We take pride and have fun with all the work we do.  Whether you are new to the gaming community or a seasoned pro, we love this hobby as much as you do.  Let Lunar Crab Miniatures set you up on your next campaign or intergalactic adventure.

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Hello and welcome to the Lunar Crab Miniatures newsletter.  Thank you so very much for your consideration and time, the lunar crab and its community warmly welcomes you to the inaugural launch of both the newsletter and this site.  The intent of this newsletter is to keep you informed and up to date on all the happenings here at Lunar Crab Miniatures. For those interested, both the website and newsletter are brand new. We were old school for so long and now we are taking the leap of faith by building this site and a on-line presence. This has been a incredible journey of thought, time and resources to achieve something so commonplace at this point in time. We are proud of what has been achieved thus far. The site itself will be in constant evolution. By this, we are learning as we go and changes will be made along the way to best accommodate our clients and their needs. We will welcome constructive feedback and are always open to improvement for a better experience. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients. We believe this can be achieved by building trust and offering quality goods and service.  We are excited to take this journey and invite you along.  We will strive to create and explore imaginative worlds of the miniature and scale model hobby.